Reasons to choose RUB

#7 Your degree is affordable: cheap accommodations and no tuition fees

Gemütlicher Abend am Esstisch der Wohngemeinschaft.

Ruhr-Universität Bochum does not charge any tuition fees. All students have to pay a social fee of approximately 320 euros per semester. The “Semester Ticket” (NRW Ticket) included in this contribution allowes every student to use the regional public transport (bus and train) in North-Rhine Westphalia free of charge. Additionally, with this fee you will contribute to service features of the “Akademisches Förderungswerk” (student union).

Bochum has an abundance of affordable and pleasant accommodations. On average, students in Bochum pay approximately 340 euros for their own apartment, which lies far below the average rent in Germany. A room in a shared apartment is available for a mere 220 euros. About 5,000 students in Bochum live in student halls run by “Akademisches Förderungswerk”. There, they either have their own room, including a bathroom, and share a kitchen with other students, or they share an apartment with one or several housemates.


Studierende lernt an der RUB
#8 Learning German – just do it!
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