Reasons to choose RUB

#1 Great future perspectives: you’ll get a degree with good reputation

Sonnenuntergang G-Reihe
Ausblick auf einen Sonnenuntergang und die Reihe der geisteswissenschaftlichen Gebäude

Ruhr-Universität is cementing its position among the leading European universities of the 21st century. Our Excellence Programmes have gained international renown: the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV (Ruhr Explores Solvation) and cross-faculty and cross-discipline Research Departments rank highly worldwide and give the Ruhr-Universität’s profile an edge. Moreover, Ruhr-Universität boasts an unmatched programme for fostering junior academics as well as an outstanding research infrastructure.

Studierende auf dem RUB-Campus
#2 Diverse study options offered in English
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