Vor dem Studium / Warum RUB?
Audimax der RUB
The Audimax marks the center of the campus.

10 reasons to choose RUB

World-class research, excellent future career opportunities, affordable university education, a wide selection of degree programmes, student services, collaborations and networks and last but not least the feelgood factor of student life in Bochum - there are many good reasons to choose a degree programme at RUB; here are the 9 most important ones.

#1 Great future perspectives: you’ll get a degree with good reputation

Ruhr-Universität is cementing its position among the leading European universities of the 21st century. Our Excellence Programmes have gained international renown: the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV (Ruhr Explores Solvation) and cross-faculty and cross-discipline Research Departments rank highly worldwide and give the Ruhr-Universität’s profile an edge. Moreover, Ruhr-Universität boasts an unmatched programme for fostering junior academics as well as an outstanding research infrastructure.

#2 The choice is yours: diverse study options offered in English

Ruhr-Universität offers approximately 180 degree courses in all major academic disciplines. Most lectures and seminars are offered in German; but there are also many Master’s courses offered in English that attract highly qualified undergraduates from all over the world.

 Students in the large beer garden of the legendary bar district Bermudadreieck
The legendary bar district Bermudadreieck is lined with pubs, bars and clubs.

#3 Bochum, your new home away from home

Bochum has a population of 365,000 including more than 55,000 students from the seven of the city’s universities. Students spend their evenings and weekends in “Bermuda Dreieck” – a premier spot for nightlife with many cafés, restaurants and clubs. Each year in summer, the city centre is transformed into a large concert stage: during the “Bochum total” festival, tens of thousands of visitors party with national and international rock and pop newcomers.

In the winter, the city of Bochum dazzles the visitors’ with its Christmas market that captures the essence of German “gemütlichkeit”. It is the place to combat icy weather with a mulled wine to the sound of medieval music. A somewhat more peaceful spot is lake “Kemnader See”; there, in close vicinity to the university campus, you can go sailing, surfing or pedal boating, or watch a beach volleyball game while enjoying a refreshing drink at the beach bar.

Student life off campus

#4 World-class research and interdisciplinary learning

As early as in their first semester, Ruhr-Universität students are integrated into the university’s research activities, because the students of today are the top researchers of tomorrow. If you decide to pursue a career in academia after getting your Master’s degree, Ruhr-Universität offers the best options: mentored by excellent researchers, 600 international PhD students get their international-standard doctorate.

You are part of a high-performance network

The Research School, which spans the entire campus, provides a comprehensive research-oriented, generic skills, international and professional development programme. It prepares the PhD students for executive positions in the world of academia and research as well as economy. They are offered an individual training programme to acquire relevant competencies that exceed their immediate research project. Top-level research at Ruhr-Universität is organised in flexible, interdisciplinary Research Departments, where academics conduct joint research into interdisciplinary problems.

#5 You are not alone: service for international students

RUBiss – international student services is the port of call for international students, located at the International Office at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. RUBiss provides support with respect to all social, cultural and university matters, as well as administrative and legal questions. In order to ease your first steps at university, RUBiss organises orientation sessions specifically for international students before the beginning of each semester. During that time, international students are mentored and assisted by “Campus Guides”. Visiting the faculty is part of the programme as well as the exploration of the university campus.

The RUBiss team is also there for you during the semester, answering your questions and organising diverse cultural and leisure activities, events, workshops and excursions.RUBISS Homepage

Forum Sonne
Das sonnige Forum vor dem Audimax der RUB

#6 Your leisure time: sport, culture and many more at the campus

It’s not just top athletes who study and train at the campus; all students and members of staff can attend courses in 80 different types of sport. They range from football, through yoga, to rugby. In the city centre of Bochum, the university operates its own gym “Unifit”.

The campus is also home to Musisches Zentrum. There, students have the opportunity to take theatre, art and music classes and, for example, practise with the large university orchestra and perform in concerts. The student services office “Akademisches Förderungswerk” likewise offers a diverse semester programme, where you can learn how to write a novel, how to cook classics of German cuisine, and how to direct a film.

Leisure time acitivities

#7 Your degree is affordable: cheap accommodations and no tuition fees

Ruhr-Universität Bochum does not charge any tuition fees. All students have to pay a social fee of approximately 320 euros per semester. The “Semester Ticket” (NRW Ticket) included in this contribution allowes every student to use the regional public transport (bus and train) in North-Rhine Westphalia free of charge. Additionally, with this fee you will contribute to service features of the “Akademisches Förderungswerk” (student union).

Bochum has an abundance of affordable and pleasant accommodations. On average, students in Bochum pay approximately 340 euros for their own apartment, which lies far below the average rent in Germany. A room in a shared apartment is available for a mere 220 euros. About 5,000 students in Bochum live in student halls run by “Akademisches Förderungswerk”. There, they either have their own room, including a bathroom, and share a kitchen with other students, or they share an apartment with one or several housemates.


#8 Learning German – just do it!

All international students can attend German language courses at Ruhr-Universität free of charge. The courses are selected to match the students’ proficiency levels. You can attend language courses focusing on academic writing and publishing, terminology (engineering and economics), and regional and cultural aspects. If you’d like to learn another foreign language, you have the choice between 15 different options. These courses, too, are free of charge for all students.

#9 You are living in a safe country: Germany says welcome

Germany is a safe country – also in comparison with other countries. Police in Bochum and in all other cities are trustworthy and ready to help you in any situation. You can move around freely and don’t have to observe any particular safety notices. If you want to travel in Germany, going by long-distance bus or train is a safe and comfortable option.

#10 Enjoy your mobility: Study and live in the heart of Europe

The semester ticket entitles all Ruhr-Universität students to use local public transport in all of North Rhine-Westphalia. It gives you the opportunity to explore this highly diverse federal state with its cities of Cologne, Düsseldorf, Aachen and Münster, or to make a trip to the neighbouring Netherlands. Travelling by railway, you can also easily visit other neighbouring countries, such as Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and France.

More information on studying at RUB

RUBiss – international student services at the International Office is the point of call for international degree and exchange students at Ruhr-Universität, providing support when it comes to social, cultural and university related matters as well as administrative and legal issues. Moreover, RUBiss organises various interesting and inspiring events every semester that enrich Bochum’s international student life.

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