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Applicants are kept updated on the admission process via the information portal admission. Here, you can view all information on your online application.

Always up to date

Admission letters are available for download on the information portal after the admission process is completed, and they have to be accepted within a specified period of time. Rejection letters are likewise available for download on the information portal after the application process is completed.

Admission letter

Places at university are offered via admission letters. Each letter specifies a deadline by which the place has to be accepted; if it is not accepted, the place is forfeit. Moreover, the application letter specifies the deadline by which the applicant – if they accept the place – has to enrol.

Accepting or rejecting online

After getting accepted, applicants indicate online if they accept or reject the place. Thus, RUB is always up-to-date with regard to the number of allocated and available places. In the next step, the university opens a dynamic clearing process: rejected places are offered to students whose application is pending, to ensure that all available places are filled.

Quick confirmation for the best applicants

Another unique feature at RUB is as follows: usually, a university cannot send out admission letters for degree courses that are subjects to restrictions until a Germany-wide application deadline has passed. To avoid this, RUB introduced a “best applicants” regulation: applicants with excellent A-levels results are offered a place immediately after their application has been reviewed, before the official deadline has passed. Thus, the applicants are spared the effort of applying to different universities, uncertain if they will be accepted.

Random selection

If there are still vacancies left in degree courses that are subject to restriction after the applications are closed, those places are allocated in a random selection process.

Lottery procedure

Applications for the random selection process at RUB have to be submitted separately within the following periods:

  • for the winter semester: September 15th to October 15th
  • for the summer semester: March 15th to March 31st

Lottery procedure via Hochschulstart

In addition to the Lottery procedure at RUB, places in some degrees courses are allocated in a clearing process conducted by Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung ( Students who wish to be considered for these clearing processes must submit separate applications within the following periods:

  • for the winter semester: August 30th to September 3rd (clearing I) and September 23rd to September 28th (clearing II)
  • for the summer semester: March 2nd to March 6th (clearing I) and March 24th to March 29th (clearing II)

It is possible to apply for only one Lottery procedure or for all of them.

Application hotline

Tel.: +49 234 32 26644

oder per E-Mail:

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