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Given the background of the basic operation mode, many questions and uncertainties arise, especially regarding studies. You can find all information here.

Enrolment (Immatriculation)

You have come to Germany from abroad and have been admitted to Ruhr-Universität Bochum? That's great! Time to enrol. In this video, Leyla shows you how the enrolment process works.

How to enrol at Ruhr-Universität Bochum | Enrolment for international students

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How to enrol at Ruhr-Universität Bochum / Enrolment for international students

Degree courses and PhD degrees

Students who wish to enrol in a degree course that is not subject to any restrictions or who have received an admission letter can enrol in their degree course. Enrolment is for the most part carried out online. By the end of the process, when they immatriculate in person, all that students have to do is pick up their documents on the campus.

Enrolment in person / picking up documents

Students who have been offered a place for a degree course that is subject to restrictions will receive an admission letter. The letter specifies the deadlines for enrolling in person on the campus. International applicants likewise receive an admission letter with deadlines.

When am I officially a RUB student?

After enrolling online, you are not yet enrolled. We use the data you submitted to compile documents for you to pick up when you enrol in person. It is not until the enrolment in person that we review all relevant documents and welcome you in our ranks as a RUB student.

Enrolling as a visiting student and dual enrolment

Immatriculation for visiting students and dual enrolment take place within fixed periods (with the exception of degree courses that are subject to restrictions, where individual enrolment dates are specified in the admission letter). The fee for visiting students amounts to 100 euros per semester.

Application and registration
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