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Important career steps on the way to professional life: On the events page, the Career Service and its cooperation partners offer workshops and training courses that sharpen your profile, present fields of work and topics plus develop (soft) skills - it's always worth taking a look.

Our workshops and coaching sessions

You will soon find all events for the coming semester on these pages.

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November 2023

  • Unfortunately canceled: On-site consultation hour in the writing café on application documents
  • ! Friday, November 17, 2023, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (University Library)

December 2023

  • Score at job fairs with an international profile
    1. December 2023, short workshop 3-6 p.m. (presence)
    A job fair is coming up. As an applicant, you should ask yourself a few questions in advance to prepare for it: What documents should I take with me? How can I show that I am an interesting candidate, especially as a person with an international background? What can I do to be remembered? These and other questions will be discussed.
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