Master’s Degree Programs

The Master’s program usually lasts four semesters and builds on a related Bachelor’s degree. The Master’s phase at Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) is called „Living Research“: In this phase, students consolidate their academic knowledge, develop the skills necessary to work independently and learn how to engage in professional discourse with colleagues.

Master-Absolventen an der RUB
Mehrere Personen mit Abolsventenhüten stehen vor dem Audimax der Ruhr-Universität Bochum und unterhalten sich.

Just like in the Bachelor’s program, the Master’s phase consists of one or two subjects, depending on the degree course. The Master’s program usually lasts four semesters and requires the completion of 120 credit points.

Master’s Degree Programs

  • lead to an academic degree (Master of Arts or Master of Science, depending on the subject) or a Master of Education obtained in teacher training; they are equivalent to the former Diplom, state examination or Magister degrees.
  • under certain conditions enable students to subsequently pursue a doctorate under certain conditions.
  • may also have restricted admission. In this case, you must apply for a study place.
  • in some subjects, give you a number of options: After completing a 2-subject Bachelor’s degree, you can continue either with both subjects or pursue a Master's degree in only one of the subjects, change subjects or choose a specialization.
  • The respective faculty decides who is admitted to a Master’s degree program. In some cases, it is possible to be admitted under certain conditions. This means that you will have to catch up on coursework from a Bachelor’s degree. In general, if you have to catch up, the required workload must not exceed 30 credit points.

Overview: NC scores in the Master’s degree programs

Diploma Supplement and Transcript of Records

In addition to your degree certificate, you will also receive the Diploma Supplement and the Transcript of Records for your degree (both Bachelor’s and Master’s).

The Diploma Supplement details

  • the course of study
  • the skills acquired during your studies
  • the exact content of the individual modules
  • the courses you attended and completed
  • your chosen specializations

The Transcript of Records is the list of grades for all modules you have passed.

When applying for a job, you can use it to demonstrate the specific knowledge you have acquired during your studies.

If you are applying for further studies at another university or abroad, these documents can be used to assess whether the content of your current degree meets the requirements of your desired subject.

The requirements to start a Master’s degree program.

How to apply online for a Master’s degree program at RUB.

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