Reasons to choose RUB

#6 Your leisure time: sport, culture and many more at the campus

Tennisball auf Tennisschläger

It’s not just top athletes who study and train at the campus; all students and members of staff can attend courses in 80 different types of sport. They range from football, through yoga, to rugby. In the city centre of Bochum, the university operates its own gym “Unifit”.

The campus is also home to Musisches Zentrum. There, students have the opportunity to take theatre, art and music classes and, for example, practise with the large university orchestra and perform in concerts. The student services office “Akademisches Förderungswerk” likewise offers a diverse semester programme, where you can learn how to write a novel, how to cook classics of German cuisine, and how to direct a film.

Leisure time activities

Gemütlicher Abend am Esstisch der Wohngemeinschaft.
#7 Cheap accommodations and no tuition fees
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