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Online Services and IT Services for Students

Numerous online services, which are extensively supported, ensure mobile and well-connected studies at Ruhr University Bochum.

The Key: Your LoginID

All students of Ruhr University Bochum receive a personal login ID with PIN when they enroll. A password is set via eCampus using this data and the student ID card. With this access data, students can use almost all RUB online services.

About the LoginID

How Can Students Use the Online Services?


On your matriculation (enrollment) you received a so-called RUB-LoginID. This is a personal identifier (key) for direct access to a number of online services that Ruhr University Bochum offers its students. It starts with the first letters of your last name plus an arbitrary sequence of further letters: Max Mustermann would for example be "mustemf2".

After your matriculation (enrollment), you must set a password for this RUB LoginID by

Store all information about your RUB LoginID and password in a safe place. You will use the data frequently during your studies.

Email address

When you matriculated (enrolled), you received an e-mail address from Ruhr University Bochum. It plays a central role in your studies, as it is used for almost all correspondence with you from lecturers, the Registrar's Office and the examinations office.

It follows the format “First name.Last”, e.g.

You can access your emails via the RUB eCampus. Please note: The login name for retrieving your mails is your LoginID.


You can use the RUB eCampus to manage and organize your studies online. You use the platform to register for lectures, seminars and exams, create your individual timetable, print your certificate of enrollment and manage your personal data.

Log in with your RUB LoginID and password and, if applicable, your smartphone.


If you have enrolled for an economics degree, an engineering degree or the “Applied Computer Science” degree program, you will use an additional platform called FlexNow to register for exams or to print an overview of your credits.

New E-Mail Concept

Ruhr University Bochum is currently in the process of implementing a new e-mail concept.

IT.SERVICES provides detailed information on a dedicated website:

Organizing and Managing the Studies: eCampus

With the RUB LoginID and password, students also have access to many practical eCampus services related to the organization of their studies. Among other things, they can

  • access the personal RUB mail account.
  • download certificates of enrollment and the semester ticket for VRR public transport and NRW.
  • update the postal address.
  • view fees and charges due and paid to the Registrar's Office (e.g. semester fees).
  • register for exams and view exam results and credits (CampusOffice).
  • register for courses and create a timetable (CampusOffice).



Students of engineering and business studies as well as the "Applied Computer Science” degree program can use the online portal FlexNow to view their current grade lists and register for or cancel exams.

Go to FlexNow


All RUB students are given a RUBMail address when they enroll, which usually follows the pattern of: This mail address facilitates the exchange with their fellow students and professors, and important news from the university is likewise sent via RUBMail. This is why all students should use this email address regularly to make sure they don’t miss any news. Emails to this mailbox can also be forwarded to other mailboxes.

These and other settings of the RUBMail mailbox (spam filter, absence notifications, forwarding) can be changed on the administration page of the loginID.


Everything within Reach: the RUB App

Handy mit der geöffneten RUB mobile-App

The RUB app helps you navigate around the campus, facilitates quick access to key RUB services, supplies you with up-to-date information on the latest news, lets you view the Mensa menu, provides direct access to RUB images and videos and much more.


Literature Research

Homework, exams, seminar preparation - learning and reading are at the heart of every course of study. The RUB library portal with its digital library offers access to numerous online catalogs. Library users have a personal account in which they can view reservations and loan periods.

catalog overview

Digital Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (Zentrum für Wissenschaftsdidaktik, ZfW) supports students at Ruhr University Bochum with all questions relating to eLearning and the use of digital tools in their studies.

The eTeam digitalization helps and advises students with questions about the online platform Moodle, digital tools, helpful apps for studying, gives tips on Zoom and collaborative boards for working together, and offers a varied range of free workshops every semester.

Go to the eTeam digitalization

Online Storage

Central access to data has become an indispensable element of studying: Files can not only be exchanged but also jointly processed.

File Server

Students can store and download data on a dedicated file server of Ruhr University Bochum.


Campus Cloud

The Sciebo cloud storage facility is operated by universities in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Students at the cooperating universities can use 30 gigabytes of storage free of charge.



IT.SERVICES supplies students with various software products – e.g. the Microsoft Office 365 suite as free download.


WI-FI on Campus: eduroam

Using their loginID and password, RUB students can log in to the eduroam network. Universities and organizations in over 100 countries participate in the eduroam (educational roaming) project, which is why students can use the networks of international partner universities free of charge. At Ruhr University Bochum, the Network Operation Center is in charge of the eduroam network.


Assistance with Questions and Problems

    The IT.SERVICES department ensures information and communication flow and supplies media technology at RUB. It is also the first point of contact in case of any problems: in person at the service center, by phone and online via the helpdesk form.


  • Questions about eCampus and CampusOffice
    The IT.SERVICES eCampus helpdesk deals with problems and questions concerning eCampus. The eCampus helpdesk website provides FAQs and tutorials as well as a list of CampusOffice training courses.

Go to eCampus Helpdesk

  • Libraries
    The University Library (UB) and the faculty libraries each have their own contact points. The library portal provides support for literature and reference research. We also recommend the courses offered by the UB.

Go to the library portal

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