Our tools for master programmes

You are interested in a master programme at the RUB? The RUBChecks offer you tests, information and learning materials that inform you about the necessary requirements and give you an insight into the respective Master programme as well as future career opportunities.

Numerical simulations are the main focus of this study course. They have become indispensable tools in engineering science and high-tech industrial applications for innovatively designing and analysing engineering systems and materials.

Building on the knowledge of the Bachelor degree from the fields of electrical engineering, informational technology, mathematics and informatics, comprehensive knowledge of IT security is imparted during the Master programme.

Highly interdisciplinary subjects in the field of optics, lasers and photonics offer a wide range of interesting topics concerning both current research and industrial applications.

Globalisation, social change, migration, the organisation of work, participation, democracy, cultural identities, health systems and gender are just some of the topics that you deal with in research and practice.

Master programmes at RUB

The RUBChecks are currently only available for some selected master programmes, but we are constantly expanding our offer. All courses of study at RUB are listed in the study offer.


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