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The next application phase for the Integra 12 programme runs from 1 to 28 February 2019. The programme supports prospective students with a refugee background with a German language course and propaedeutic offers to prepare them for their studies.

Studierende auf dem RUB-Campus

Before the semester starts, RUBiss (RUB – international student services) invites all new international exchange and degree-seeking students to orientation days: From 27 to 30 March 2019 they will get to know Bochum and Ruhr-Universität’s campus, their fellow students and university departments.

Geld und Taschenrechner

Welche Leistungen übernimmt eine deutsche Krankenversicherung? Habe ich Anspruch auf Bafög? Kann ich Sozialleistungen beziehen, um mein Studium zu finanzieren? Im Studienfinanzierungsworkshop finden studieninteressierte Geflüchtete Antworten auf diese Fragen.

The project "University without Borders"

Humane, accomplished, open to the world – these are the properties that define us. We are convinced that academia and research have no boundaries and we gladly contribute to the culture of welcome.

Universität ohne Grenzen

The Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) is committed to active and sustainable integration of refugees. We are convinced that academia and research have no boundaries and we gladly contribute to the culture of welcome.

Beratung für studieninteressierte Flüchtlinge
Advice for refugees who wish to study

Currently more than 300 refugees take part in different programmes preparing them for entering or continuing their studies at RUB.

The RUB supports refugee students on their way to a successful degree by offering courses, counselling and a scholarship programme during their studies.

Studierende in der Bibliothek
Erfahrungsberichte und Erfolgsstories
Freizeitangebote für geflüchtete Studierende

In addition to degree courses, RUB also offers refugee students the opportunity to engage in a wealth of activities and to seek assistance on different issues.

The RUB supports fugitive teachers in teaching at German schools and advises pedagogical specialists in the care of children with flight experience.

With the commitment to researchers at risk the RUB particularly lives up to its guiding principle "universitas" – the unbiased, interdisciplinary interaction of researcher-teachers and learners.

Lehre und Forschung der RUB behandeln die Themen Flucht, Migration und Integration in öffentlichen Vorträgen und Lehrveranstaltungen.

RUB students and organisations have launched initiatives and services to enable volunteers to support refugee students. Join in!

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