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Starting your studies in times of corona

Enrolled – what now?! Ruhr-Universität is running basic operations, and all members of the faculties and the administration are currently setting up online courses, as well as advisory and other services. In spite of all this, we welcome our new students and provide options to help them prepare for their degree courses in the best possible way.

Stay patient, stay updated

All available information on RUB operations during the corona crisis can be found on central websites that are constantly updated. Make sure to check them frequently in order not to miss any important regulations.

We are happy to answer any urgent questions you may have that are not answered on our central webpages. Contact information is provided at the bottom of this page. Please note that we cannot process every request immediately.

Get to meet your faculties and student committees – online, for now

Via the RUB degree programmes page, you can access all relevant information about your degree course. This is also where you’ll find links to the websites of the respective degree courses, academic advisors and student committees:

  • Read the information on your degree course(s) carefully.
  • Visit the relevant website for your degree course. The annotated course catalogues, which contain detailed information on the courses and provide tips and recommendations for first-semester students, are very helpful.
  • Visit the website of your student committee, as it provides valuable advice from a student perspective. If they communicate via social media, follow the respective channels.
  • If you have any further questions about your studies or your degree course, the Student Advise Centre and academic advisors (links also on the degree programmes page) are available to all new RUB students and answer their questions.

Digital preliminary course

All introductory in-person classes for first-semester students have been cancelled for the time being. The faculties are already developing alternatives that don’t require classroom training.

RUB already offers a number of online courses to help students prepare for their degree courses:

The courses offered by RUB-Brücke include fundamentals of science, MathsPlus, Latin for humanities, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The courses are available all year round without registration.

The Studiport portal offers additional free online courses. Here, first-year students can acquire skills in mathematics, language and text comprehension or deepen existing school knowledge. They take part in assessment tests to verify their individual levels of knowledge.

International students can network and exchange information with Campus Guides via a Moodle course. Campus Guides are students of the respective subject.

Online services

The most important means of communication at the RUB are emails, which is why every student receives their own RUB email address. You will receive and send important information about your studies by email.

In order to manage your studies, you can also use the online service eCampus, where you can register for lectures and seminars, set up your timetable, and download your NRW ticket and your registration confirmation certificate (Studienbescheinigung).

Your RUB email account and eCampus provide all relevant information about your studies.

The way in which information about the timetable will be communicated is currently still being coordinated.

Please familiarise yourself with all online services.

How can students enrolled after16 March use the online services of the RUB? (8 April 2020)


On your matriculation (enrolment) you received a so-called RUB-LoginID. This is a personal identifier (key) for direct access to a number of online services that the Ruhr-Universität offers its students.It begins with the first letters of your last name plus an arbitrary sequence of further letters; Max Miustermann would for example be mustemf2.

After your matriculation (enrolment), you must set a password for this RUB LoginID by clicking on this link: Click on “Passwort setzen / zurücksetzen” (“set/reset password”).

Store all information about your RUB LoginID and password in a safe place; you will use them frequently while you’re at RUB.

Email adress

On your matriculation (enrolment) you received a RUB email address. It plays a crucial role while you’re at RUB, as it is used for almost all correspondence you receive from the teaching staff, the registrar’s office and the examinations office.

It follows the format “>First name<.>Last name<”, e.g.

You can access your emails via the RUB eCampus. Please note: The login name for retrieving your mails is your LoginID. You can find further information on how to use your mailbox here.


You can use the RUB eCampus to manage your studies online. You use the platform to register for lectures, seminars and exams, create your individual timetable, print your Studienbescheinigung (student registration confirmation certificate) and manage your personal data.


Log in with your RUB LoginID & password and, if applicable, your smartphone.

If you have enrolled for an economics degree, an engineering degree or the “Applied Computer Science” degree programme, you will use an additional platform called “FlexNow” to register for exams or to print an overview of your credits. The relevant information is available here.

Buying a card reader

If you have already received your student card, i.e. the RUB-Card, we recommend you purchase a chip card reader.

The card reader is available at the Infopoint in the university administration building during regular operations. Additional information is available on the RUB-Card pages.

Together with the card reader and the loginID you received when you enrolled, your student card is the key to eCampus, and you can set the password for your email address.

Anything left to organise?

In addition to your degree course, there may be a lot to organise in advance, such as accommodation or finances. You can submit an informal application for a Bafög grant as soon as you are enrolled – also online.

Akademisches Förderungswerk (academic services office, Akafö), where you can also apply for a place in the student halls, is responsible for the funding of studies according to the Federal Training Assistance Act.

Any questions left?

In order to effectively help slow down the corona epidemic, Ruhr-Universität Bochum and all its facilities have switched to basic operations and all buildings are closed until further notice – including the receptions in the Service Center (SSC) and university administration (UV) buildings.

Services have been modified and in-person consultation is no longer provided. Consultations are almost exclusively carried out by email – but all services provided by our institutions are still available.

  • General questions on studies
    Student Advice Centre or by phone/Skype
  • Questions to help with personal concerns/problems that affect your ability to study
    Mental health counselling (the staff members also give advice in English) and by phone (Mon – Fri, 10am – 11am): 0234 / 32 23860
  • Questions of international students and exchange students
    RUBiss: International Student Services at RUB or by Skype /Moodle > read more
    Questions on admission: international admissions office

Please note: Due to the high number of incoming emails, it may take a little longer than usual to process your request. Please be patient and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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