Student Advice Centre


Student Counselling Service

The Student Counselling Centre at the Ruhr-Universität is the first place for all questions and problems connected to decisions to study, studying itself and any social and personal problems relating to university and studies. Counselling is free of charge. All matters are dealt with in confidence.

There are many ways to contact the counselling team. Students can simply come by during opening hours, get advice by telephone or fill in the online form – there is usually an answer within 24 hours. There are also regular online counselling chats on various subjects.

Student Counselling Service

Building: SSC, Level 1, Room 105

Course Counselling

There are student counsellors in every faculty (the term "Faculty" is used for RUB’s disciplinary institutional units) to help with concrete questions regarding a particular course or subject. The faculties are also experts in this. And in addition there are also tutors or mentors almost everywhere who are further on in their studies and can give tips form first-hand experience.

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