Universität ohne Grenzen
Universität ohne Grenzen
Universität ohne Grenzen

University without Borders

The Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) is committed to active and sustainable integration of refugees. We are convinced that academia and research have no boundaries and we gladly contribute to the culture of welcome.

As one of the first universities in Germany, we have therefore set up a scheme to support refugees with an academic background to enter a degree course at RUB.

  • In free-of-charge-German language courses prospective students having fled their home countries may acquire the language skills required for enrolling in a German-language Bachelor or Master programme.
  • Students or prospective students in engineering, natural sciences or economics have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.
  • Moreover, we offer researchers at risk (including academics with a refugee background) the possibility to pursue their research at one of the research centres of the RUB for a certain period of time as visiting scholars.
  • There are several services and initiatives available at RUB for refugee students, prospective students and academics which are offered by volunteers.

Administrative Department 2 (Student service & International Office) in cooperation with other RUB institutions is constantly updating and enhancing its offers for refugee students and academics.

If you have any questions about our offers or are interested in supporting us in our efforts for students and academics with a refugee background, we are happy to receive your call or email.


The University without Borders
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