Documents required for enrolment for admissions via the lottery procedure

In order to enrol, you first need a letter of admission. To do this, you must apply online in the lottery procedure by the deadline and, in the case of admission through the Information portal admission, carry out online enrolment. For enrolment, the documents mentioned here are mandatory and you should be in possession of the originals.

The information on this page refers to the enrolment of applicants who have been awarded their place of study via the lottery procedure. If you belong to a different group of applicants you will find your information on the page Enrolment.

It is mandatory to upload these documents to the enrollment information portal

  • Letter of admission (lottery procedure) The online enrolment takes place via the information portal admission only.
  • University entrance qualification (Baccalauréat, High School certificate, Assessment test, etc.) and an officially certified translation in German or English
  • Degree certificate (Bachelor/ Master/ Diploma...) if you have completed your studies both in the Federal Republic of Germany and/or abroad
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language e.g. TestDaF with at least 16 points within an exam, DSH (level 2 or 3), DSD - II, telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule etc.
  • Valid ID Card / Passport
  • Health insurance certificate (in the case of a new enrolment, further information in the box below)

The following documents are required in addition if...

... you were already enrolled at a university in the Federal Republic of Germany:

  • Certificate of exmatriculation including a certificate of enrolment showing your previous course(s) of study and the number(s) of semesters at the university
  • Certificates of exmatriculation of all previous enrolments in the Federal Republic of Germany, showing the course of study (or courses of study), university semester and semester of study.

... you are a German citizen with international certificates

  • With certificates from abroad (both school and university certificates) you do not have to prove your knowledge of German, but you do have to have your certificates recognised by the Düsseldorf district government.
    This government also calculates your average grade.
    Bezirksregierung Düsseldorf
    Zentrale Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle
    Postfach 300865
    D-40408 Düsseldorf
    Phone: +49(0)211 475 0
  • If no nationally valid recognition certificate can be presented, the Admissions Office Bachelor- international- of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum will determine the university entrance qualification.

... subject-specific documents are required for individual subjects:

  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of French or English, if the course of study is in French or English/bilingual. Accepted certificates can be found via the respective department's website.
  • Certificate of successful completion of the sports aptitude test of the RUB or the DSHS Cologne for the study programmes Sports Science (Bachelor)
  • For the subject Classical Philology the Latinum or Graecum, depending on the choice of major field of study, must be proven.

Also important

For your student ID card

For a new enrolment, please upload a current photo of yourself for the student ID Card as a JPG or PNG file.

Transfer social contribution in time

The social contribution must be received within 14 days of enrolment. The Registrar's Office publishes the deadlines with the current dates for re-registration etc. early in each semester at Semester deadlines

Information about Health insurance certificate

Applicants who enroll at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum need proof of existing health insurance for enrolment. The procedure for submitting the insurance certificate has changed as of January 1st, 2022. The notification is sent directly from the insurance company to the university. Please note that paper certificates are generally no longer issued.

  • Students with statutory health insurance apply for an insurance certificate from their statutory health insurance company in good time before enrolling. The statutory health insurance company then reports all the required data digitally to the Ruhr-Universität. Nevertheless, please upload a scan of your insurance card to the enrollment information portal so that we can compensate for any delays in the digital registration process.
  • Students with private health insurance who wish to remain so during their studies require a so-called exemption certificate. You can get this from your last german statutory health insurance fund or from any german statutory health insurance fund (if you have never had statutory health insurance). A certificate from private insurance alone is not sufficient. In any case, you must contact a german statutory health insurance company so that they can certify that you are exempt from the statutory insurance obligation. The statutory health insurance company sends the required certificate digitally to the Ruhr-Universität. Please ensure that you obtain the required certificate in good time before submitting your application and seek advice on the formalities from a statutory health insurance company. In addition, please upload proof of private health insurance (e.g. certificate, card, etc.) to the enrolment information portal.
  • If in doubt (e.g. if you are insured abroad), please contact your health insurance company or seek advice from a statutory health insurance company in Germany.

If you change your health insurance company during your studies, notify the student secretariat immediately by submitting a new insurance certificate.

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