Enrolment for cross-registered students (Zweithörer*in) – Master

If you want to enrol to a Master's degree programme at RUB as a cross-registered student, the documents listed on this page are mandatory. Please note that an enrolment can only take place if you have the original of all documents required for enrolment. The Admissions Office reserves the right to request all documents uploaded with the application in the same version and in the original for verification purposes. In order to ensure that you can be enrolled, please have all the documents mentioned on this page ready in case of doubt.

The information on this page refers to the enrolment of cross-registered students to a Master's degree program. If you want to enrol for other degree programmes or doctoral studies, you will find your information on the page Enrolment.

It is only possible to become a visiting student in a course of study with restrictedadmission, if the course of study at your first university is not subject to anyadmission restrictions!

If you would like to enrol for non-restricted subjects, please only complete the online enrolment under the following link

If you are international applicant and would like to enrol, please apply online before.

The following documents are mandatory for enrolment (as uploads via Information Portal Enrolment):

  • Letter of admission, if an online application has been made for a restricted subject/course
  • University entrance qualification (Abitur, Baccalauréat, Assessment test, etc.) and an officially certified translation in German or English
  • Examination certificate about the completed studies in Germany or another country or equivalent (original certificate of completion, issued by the responsible examination office, showing subject(s), grade and date of completion)
  • Proof of the obligatory counselling interview (certificate issued by the faculty(ies); in some cases the proof is transmitted digitally to the Admissions Office)
  • Valid ID
  • Current certificate of study from your first university for the semester in which you would like toenrol as a visiting student at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. The confirmation of enrolment must show your current course of study and the number(s) of semester(s) at the university
  • Certificate of exmatriculation including a certificate of enrolment showing your previous course(s)of study and the number(s) of semesters at the university
  • Certificates of exmatriculation of all previous enrolments in the Federal Republic of Germany,showing the course of study (or courses of study), university semester and semester of study, with acopy to remain at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Mandatory documents depending on the case

  • If applicable a certificate of service for the completed military or civilian service or the voluntary social/ecological year or the development service, if it is a course of study with restricted admission and you have performed a recognised service within the meaning of the law for at least 6 months in the Federal Republic of Germany, detailed information can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth)
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language e.g. TestDaF with at least 16 points within an exam, DSH (level 2 or 3), DSD - II, telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule etc, if you are an EU foreigner (or equivalent).
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of French or English, if the course of study is in French or English
  • Placement certificate from the relevant subject advisor if you wish to enrol in a higher semester

For your student ID card

For a new enrolment, please upload a current passport photo for the student ID as a JPG or PNP file.

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