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Going abroad

Having a change of surroundings, perfecting a foreign language, cutting the cord, get a new perspective on things: there are a lot of good reasons to spend some time abroad during your time as a student.

The RUB supports its cosmopolitan students to turn their backs to it temporarily and gather experiences elsewhere. Because anyone who lives and works abroad for a while learns to make their way in other cultural circles, extends their personal networks, gains competence, and makes contacts that are and will remain valuable for professional life and beyond.

On the International Portal you can get initial information on the various options available to RUB students for shorter or longer stays abroad, funding options, reports on other students' experiences and an overview of exchange programmes.

International Office

Whether courses, internship, language courses, exchange programmes, supported by a grant or self-organised: RUB students will find help from the team Outbound Mobility Services with preparation, organisation, and implementation of a stay abroad and questions of financing, recognition, etc.

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