Mobil mit dem Semester-Ticket
Mobil mit dem Semester-Ticket

Mobility & Discounts

RUB students enjoy many benefits when travelling – not just on public transport.

Free ride: full mobility in NRW with the semester ticket

RUB students have the Ruhr at their feet – and much more: the semester fee covers the costs of the ticket for public transport in the Rhein-Ruhr region (“VRR”), as well as the NRW-Ticket for the entire state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Trips to Venlo in the Netherlands, to concerts in Cologne or to a pub crawl in the old town of Münster are easily accomplished. Thanks to Bochum’s prime position in the very heart of Ruhr, the distances to all destinations are quite short. In addition to an excellent public transport network, NRW also boasts a motorway infrastructure that is second to none in Germany.

Bike rental Next Bike

A glance at the many bike stations scattered all around the city – and especially around the campus – reveals how handy the bike rental system Metropolradruhr really is. For RUB students, the first hour is free of charge – several times in one day.

Studierende auf Fahrrädern von metropolradruhr

Home advantage: theatre flatrate for Schauspielhaus

RUB students can attend theatre productions at the renowned Schauspielhaus in Bochum as often as they wish – for free. The costs are covered by the social insurance contribution: Schauspielhaus is paid one euro per student per semester.

Other arts and cultural venues in Bochum likewise offer student discounts.

Kalender Theater
Zwei Theatermasken als Merkzettel an einem Wandkalender

Free library membership card

RUB students can borrow books and other media for free from the seven public libraries of the Bochum City Library and use services such as the Onleihe Ruhr, which offers access to thousands of e-books.

Brille und Buchseiten

Other discounts

Other bargains for RUB students include the RUB’s campus licences listed by IT.Services – such as Microsoft Office and the self-learning platform Lynda.

General advantages for student are ubiquitous: special student discounts, conditions and rates can be found everywhere; some of them are listed in the scholarship databank myStipendium.

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