Profile of Sport and Exercise Sciences

The programme will provide training in a manner that fosters the development of relevant knowledge, abilities and methods in Sport and Exercise Sciences for Health and Performance that candidates will require for the demands and challenges of the career world, with an international focus and emphasis on managerial positions.

sportwiss Diagnostik Laufband Laktat
sportwiss Diagnostik Laufband Laktat

Target group and objectives

Master students will learn practical skills, such as physiological performance testing and biomechanical analysis as well as they will gain knowledge for the design of athletic training programmes, and training programmes for recreational athletes and the general population with a focus on prevention. Students are expected to research, develop and write a thesis that makes an original and substantial contribution to their field. The master´s degree provides the necessary conditions to achieve a future doctorate in Sport and Exercise Sciences for Health and Performance.

Career perspectives

The diverse competencies and skills gained upon completion of the master's programme entitle students to purse further scientific qualifications in the form of a doctorate or a higher-level position in sport science. Such opportunities arise as students will be able to critically analyse and solve complex problems and exhibit autonomy in the testing, training and recovery of elite, recreational and health athletes in a sport science setting, which is typically characterized as a high-stress environment with frequent and unpredictable changes required in the planning and execution of various tasks, .

The aim of the English-language Master of Sport and Exercise Sciences for Health and Performance programme is to build on the aforementioned objectives of the bachelor's programme and to deliver a high-quality, research- and career-oriented sport science focus to students.

Occupational fields

  • Professional sports clubs
  • National and international sport associations
  • Olympic training centres
  • Performance diagnostics and health consulting
  • Health insurance providers
  • Rehabilitation and outpatient clinics
  • Clinical gait laboratories
  • Sport equipment and technology industries
  • Research and education
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