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Guidance prior to the degree course

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The Student Advice Centre (ZSB) is the first port of call for any questions you might have about selecting and pursuing your degree course. ZSB provides guidance on choosing and preparing for your degree course and on application – by phone, during office hours, in individual and group interviews. Once you are enrolled at RUB, ZSB continues to assist you whenever you have any questions on university and degree courses; the centre even provides help in case of any social and personal problems. Like most institutions at RUB, the ZSB guidance services and information sessions are free of charge.

Student Advice Center

School projects

Experiencing university first-hand while still at school – can it be done? Sure thing! Junge Uni provides advice and information on all RUB school projects, internships, as well as projects and competitions for school students. An overview of events for school students and prospective students is available at the Junge Uni website.

Junge Uni

University or vocational training?

RUB's talent scouts support school students on their way toward a university degree or vocational training. They collaborate with secondary schools of the Berufskolleg, Gymnasium and Gesamtschule type in Bochum and the Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis, and have fixed office hours in those schools. The scouts mentor the talents until they graduate resp. complete their vocational training; in addition, they provide many group events, such as orientation workshops, workshops on applying for a grant, and network meetings.

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Subject-relevant information

Specific questions that don’t revolve around university education in general, but rather focus on specific subjects, are dealt with by academic advisors. The departmental student committees (“Fachschaften”) are likewise at hand to assist prospective students, as they approach all questions from the students’ point of view. Contacts are listed under the respective subjects in the study programme.

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Questions on social and financial aspects at university

Institutions such as the financial advisory services, social services (for student parents), and the Service Centre for Disabled Students (BZI) provide guidance and information on funding options; they also help individuals facing specific challenges, for example student parents and students with health impairments. Talentscouts offer consultancy on grants for school students.

Financial advisory services

Social services


Questions on application, admission, and enrolment

The Registrar’s Office is in charge of all administrative matters from the moment you take up your degree course. If you have any questions regarding your application, the admission office is happy to help.

You can also inquire at our admission hotline by phone.

Admission hotline: +49 (0)234 32 26644

Admissions office

Contacts for prospective international students

The International Office is in charge of international students and prospective students, as well as exchange programmes. Studying in a foreign country with an unfamiliar culture can be quite challenging. Therefore, the team of advisors at the International Office provides answers to questions that may not appear to be relevant to your degree course at first glance. International students are mentored by RUB’s International Student Service, RUBiss for short.

International Office


Contacts for prospective refugee students

Prospective refugee students are likewise mentored and assisted by the International Office – from German language courses that prepare them for their degree course, through advice on financing their studies, to extracurricular programmes.

Services for refugees

You can find our advice centres here

Studierenden Service Center (SSC)
Eingangsbereich des Studierenden Service Center (SSC)

Most of our advice centres are located in the Student Service Center building, SSC for short.


Questions on location?

You got lost or you don’t know who’s the right contact for the questions you have? The Infopoints and Receptions on the campus are your first port of call and provide information and pointers: they answer questions pertaining to your degree course, point you towards the right person, and help you deal with formalities.

The Infopoints and Receptions are indicated as an “i” on the campus map; most of the advice centres listed above are located in the Student Service Center building.

Directions and map

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