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The RUB centrally produces forgery-proof vignettes (stickers) which are stuck on the student ID cards and prove that the students have been vaccinated or can prove a convalescence valid until 31.3.2022.

  • Students who have been vaccinated in Germany or the EU receive their vignettes in their faculties. The verification of the vaccination or convalescence certificates is decentralised and carried out by the dean's offices of the RUB. Students will receive all the information about how, when and where they have to prove their status via these offices.
  • Students who have been vaccinated outside Germany and the EU contact the International Office for the check. You can make an appointment at

Please bring your vaccination certificate and your student card!

You can find more information about the RUB Vignette here:

Infos RUB-Vignette


RUBCard – Student ID

The RUBCard is much more than a student ID. It can be used to access many services on campus.

Your RUBCard

... is a library card in the University Library (UB) and in the departmental libraries.

... can be loaded with Akafoe credit and used to pay in the cafeterias and Mensa and to access the washing machines in many residence halls.

... can be loaded with credit for printing at Campusdruck.

... can be used as key to access to some of the car parks on campus.

... entitles you to many student discounts as a student ID. It’s best to always carry a valid certificate of enrolment with you to avoid misunderstandings – especially with older IDs with the expiry date of the former VRR ticket printed on them.

RUBCard lost / found?

If you have lost your student ID on campus, please contact the Registrar’s Office. All lost student IDs are brought here.

If you can’t find your student ID, please transfer 15 euros to the following account for a replacement student ID:

Ruhr-Universität Bochum
IBAN: DE47430500010001495860
Verwendungszweck: Name and student/registration number

With a bank statement or screenshot of the transfer, you can get a new student ID at the Registrar’s Office.

Found a RUBCard?

Please hand in the RUBCARD at the Infopoint in the foyer of the University Administration, the lost property office on campus.

RUBCard to access eCampus

If you use your ID card to access eCampus via a chip card reader, you can use any chip card reader from home that supports a PC/SC standard. In addition, chip card readers are available at eCampus workstations on campus.

Would you like to switch to the new, simpler and more secure system, which allows you to use eCampus without a chip card? The instructions are available on the IT.Services pages.

Registrar’s Office
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