Application for EU/EEA citizens

If you, your child or your parents have European citizenship, if you are married to a European citizen or if you have a school or university degree certificate from a member state of the EU, you are a member of the EU and are therefore on an equal footing with German applicants.

Now you can apply simply and electronically online.

Please note that you must apply for all degree programmes (with restricted admission and non-restricted admission).

The online application is only possible during limited periods:

  • For the winter semester:
    from from the beginning of June to 15 July
  • For the summer semester:
    from the beginning of December to 15 January

By the end of this application period, you must upload your certificates in the admissions information portal (Infoportal).

Bachelor’s/state examination application procedure at RUB

Additional note: Application for Medicine, Law and 1-subject bachelor’s degree programmes via Hochschulstart (DoSV)


The application for Medicine (state examination) is made via a separate portal from Hochschulstart, please find information about the application there.

Hochschulstart: Medicine

Law and 1-subject bachelor's degree programmes with restricted admission

The allocation of university places for all 1-subject bachelor’s degree programmes with restricted admission as well as Law (state examination) is coordinated throughout Germany via the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV) from Hochschulstart.

For these, German and EU applicants must register with Hochschulstart before applying at RUB:

  1. Registration at Hochschulstart

  2. Online application at Ruhr-Universität Bochum
    After a successful registration, you will receive two application numbers (BID and BAN) from Hochschulstart. In order to successfully participate in the admission procedure, you must enter these numbers in the online application at Ruhr-Universität.
  3. Select further subjects
    In the online application at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, you have the possibility to apply for further subjects besides the DoSV subjects.
  • For non-EU citizens, it is not necessary to register with Hochschulstart before applying.

Information for Psychology - Bachelor (one subject) for applications from winter semester 2024/25 onwards

The Ruhr University Bochum will take the result of the BaPsy-DGPs study aptitude test into account for admission to the Bachelor's degree program in Psychology from winter semester 24/25. Further information can be found here.

Apply online

Apply online for all degree programmes (with restricted admission and non-restricted admission)

  • by 15 July for a winter semester
  • by 15 January for a summer semester

If you wish to apply for several bachelor’s degree programmes, you can choose up to 12 courses in a single online application. Only the most recently received application is valid.

Please answer all of the questions carefully and truthfully. If you have any questions or problems, please contact our application hotline as soon as possible.

Start online application

After completing the online application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt and the check sheet by e-mail.On the check sheet, you will find the applicant number along with all the information about the documents to be submitted.

On the check sheet, you will find the applicant number and all the information you need to upload your documents to the admissions information portal (Infoportal).

Upload of the documents

After the online application the upload of your documents in the admissions information portal (Infoportal).must be done! You will find all information on the check sheet that you received by e-mail after the online application.

To upload your application documents in the admissions information portal (Infoportal), log in with your applicant number and date of birth.

The upload of all documents must be completed by July 15 / January 15 (summer semester). Please note that an upload is no longer possible after the application deadline!

Depending on the program and the information you have entered, you will find upload fields for the required documents there.

The following documents must be uploaded:

  • Copy of the passport
  • Possibly proof of the passed language test (German) as a scan of the original document
    The proof of German must only be presented at the time of enrolment in person. The date for enrolment in person is expected to be about one month after the end of the online application period.
    You can find a list of accepted proof of language proficiency here.
  • School report (original language and a translation in German or English)
  • Degree certificate from the university + list of individual grades as scans of the original document and as officially certified translations of the original documents (German or English)
  • Possibly proof of the completed university entrance examination (e.g. from Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, etc.) as scans of the original document and as officially certified translations of the original documents (German or English)
  • Possibly an assessment test to determine the eligibility of foreign applicants for studies at institutions of higher education in Germany (Feststellungsprüfung), as scans of the original document
  • APS certificate (only for applicants with certificates from China, Vietnam or India)
    Please note collective APS for other universities are not accepted!
  • Proof of EU membership

We generally do not require CVs, letters of motivation, photos or letters of recommendation.

Only when you have completed all uploads or waived optional uploads can your application be processed further. Your status in admissions information portal (Infoportal) is then "Application is being processed" and your position on the waiting list.

Each upload can only take place once. The uploaded document will no longer be visible to you after the upload. Please make sure that the document is legible and not upside down.
The upload must be in PDF format and must not exceed 5 MB in size.

To the admissions information portal

If you should have questions about the necessary documents, please contact our application hotline.

Examination of certificates

As soon as we receive your documents, we examine them and convert your grades into the German grading system. The examination may take a while. Please be patient and refrain from asking questions during this time.

Admissions information portal (Infoportal)

The admissions information portal (Infoportal) tells you whether your application is complete or incomplete and whether you have received admission to a course of study. If you have received notification of admission via the information portal and would like to begin your studies, you must accept your university place in the info portal in due time. You will find the deadline for acceptance in the notification of admission.

Log in to the admissions information portal (Infoportal) with your applicant number (check sheet) and your date of birth.

To the admissions information portal


You start online enrolment after you have accepted your place of study via the Admissions Information Portal.

You will find the documents you have to submit online when enrolling as a PDF list on the Registrar's Office website.

You can find information for international students in the international portal of the International Office.

Application for international prospective students
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