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Application for international prospective students

As an international prospective student, please be sure to follow the special regulations that apply to your application.

Application for restricted 2-subject Bachelor's programmes

For all 2-subject Bachelor’s degree programmes with restricted admission, please complete the online application of Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

The online application is open during the following periods:

  • For the winter semester:
    From the beginning of June until 15 July
  • For the summer semester:
    From the beginning of December until 15 January

Please read up on all admission requirements for your chosen degree programme.

Bachelor’s application procedure at RUB

Apply online

When applying online to Ruhr-Universität Bochum, you can apply for several degree programmes in addition to DoSV degree programmes, and to list up to 12 degree programmes in one single online application. Please note that only the last application you submit will be valid.

Data and documents required for online application

You will need the following:

  • Date and average grade of your university entrance qualification (Abitur)
  • The number of semesters you were enrolled at higher education institutions in Germany, if applicable this also includes semesters for which you were enrolled but didn’t attend any lectures/courses.
  • Details of services (e.g. Federal Volunteer Service, military service, volunteer work, development aid service, voluntary social/ecological year)
  • An email address that you check regularly and which has sufficient storage capacity for the entire application and admission process, as communication during the procedure will take place exclusively by email and via the admissions information portal. Please make sure to check your spam folder as well.

The online application only lists the degree programmes that will begin in the following semester.

Degree programmes with no admission requirements (without NC) do not appear in the online application, but are only listed when you enrol (online matriculation). In these degree programmes, you are guaranteed a place at university.

Please answer all questions carefully and truthfully.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact our application hotline as soon as possible.


Check after online application

Once you have completed your online application, you will receive a confirmation email with a check sheet and application number.

Please use the check sheet to double-check the information you have provided. In addition to the application number, it also provides information about any documents you may need to submit.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to correct your details at a later date. If you have entered incorrect information, please reapply. Please note that only the last application you submit will be valid.

Admissions information portal

You should regularly check the status of your application in the admissions information portal. There you can also find out whether your application is complete or whether you still have to submit any documents. If the check sheet does not ask you to do so, please do not send any documents or copies of certificates.


Going through the admission procedure

The admission and placement procedure starts immediately after the application deadline. Please check your current application status daily from the end of January/end of July in the admissions information portal. If you have been admitted, you can view and download your letter of admission from the admissions information portal (in PDF format).

Important: admission deadline

If you have been admitted and would like to take up your studies, you must accept your place in the admissions information portal within the deadline and save your selected option. The deadline for acceptance is stated in the admission letter.

Your options in brief

Not admitted yet?

If you have not (yet) been admitted, you can see your place on the waiting list in the admissions information portal.

As applicants reject offers or no longer take place in the admission procedure, study places become available on an ongoing and dynamic basis, which we offer to the next applicants on the ranking lists.

Accepting your university place

Accepting a university place is not binding. While the allocation procedure at RUB is ongoing, you will remain eligible for subsequent admission for your preferred course to which you have not yet been admitted and you can reconsider your decision at any time.

You have to make a decision if you receive several admissions in parallel: in a 2-subject degree programme, you can accept a maximum of two subjects at the same time. If you receive further admissions for a 2-subject Bachelor’s degree, you can reconsider the decision you’ve made up to that point and, if necessary, change one or both subjects in favour of the subjects to which you have now been admitted. Any applications that are still open will remain eligible for further admission(s) in the corresponding semester.

Declining a university place

If you declare in the information portal that you decline the offered university place, this rejection is binding. You won’t be able to change your decision and the place will be offered to other applicants. This is also the case if you ignore the offer and let the acceptance deadline expire or if you miss the acceptance deadline.


Please note: Differences between RUB and DoSV procedures

Have you also applied for subjects which allocates via Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren (DoSV)?

Please note the different acceptance rules: If you accept a university place in DoSV, all other applications that you coordinate via will be irrevocably cancelled.

Following admission: Enrolling at RUB

You have been admitted and have accepted the degree programme on time?

The next step is enrolment, which is currently carried out online.

Please note: Use the online enrolment form in the admissions information portal.

You haven’t been admitted? Coordinated succession procedure and lottery procedure as a second chance

Coordinated succession procedure (Koordiniertes Nachrücken, KNR) via DoSV

If you’ve applied for degree programmes that are coordinated by Hochschulstart via Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren (DoSV) and were not admitted, you can register for a coordinated succession procedure via Hochschulstart (registration required for each degree programme).

If you haven’t yet applied for a degree programme via DoSV for the semester in question, you can submit a new application.

A coordinated succession procedure via Hochschulstart can only take place if there are university places available at the end of the coordination phase.

Lottery procedure – your 2nd chance for a place at university

If there are still places available after the allocation procedure, they will be allocated by lottery. To take part in the lottery procedure, prospective students must (re)apply.

Have alternatives ready

You haven’t been admitted to the degree programme of your choice or you don’t think you have a realistic chance of being admitted? Consider alternative options available to you at an early stage.

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