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You have completed high school and have gained a university entrance qualification, now you want to continue at university? Do you want to deepen your practical knowledge in a degree course after your professional training? The Bachelor's and State Examination degree programmes at Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) offer you an entry into the academic world and at the same time qualify you for your profession. For smooth application, admission and enrolment procedures, please inform yourself in detail on these pages.

Meeting the requirements

A university entrance qualification (usually the Abitur) is the basic requirement for studying. But even without an Abitur, studying is not impossible. Please refer to the information on the following websites:

For international prospective students there are other requirements for studying. They must also complete the online application for non restricted subjects.

Some programmes require proof of certain skills and knowledge, sometimes even before you start your studies. For example, to study sports science you must pass a sports qualification test, while other subjects require knowledge of certain foreign languages.

Evaluating chances: Numerus Clausus

If you are interested in an restricted subject or programme at RUB and would like to assess your chances in advance, you can view the NC values of the last admission procedures on the overview page linked below.

Please consider the past NC values only as a “guideline", as the NC can change every semester.

Please also note that the comparison of the NC values for a summer semester is only meaningful with the values of the previous summer semesters. Likewise, the comparison for a winter semester only makes sense with the NC values of past winter semesters. The stated results of the procedure refer only to applicants with a German Abitur or degree, German citizenship and applicants with EU citizenship or degree!

Application procedure for restricted degree programmes.

The number of study places is limited to a certain capacity in restricted degree programmes. Therefore, an application is required in advance and, due to the limited number of places, admission cannot be guaranteed. There are different admission procedures.

Exceptions and special regulations in the application procedure

Some groups of applicants can improve their chances in the admission procedure or have their own quota in the admission procedure.

If you have already successfully completed a degree programme and would now like to study a subject with restricted admission, you are usually applying for a second degree programme.

After applying: Waiting for the admission letter

After you have successfully applied online, you must regularly check the status of your procedure on the Admissions Information Portal. In the event of admission, your letter of admission will be available for download there and you must accept your place on time.

Admissions Information Portal

Didn't get accepted? These are your options

Have your alternatives ready

You have not been admitted to your desired degree programme or do not think you have a good chance of being admitted? Take a look at the options available to you at an early stage.

Coordinated succession procedure

If you have applied for degree programmes that are coordinated via the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV) of Hochschulstart and have not been admitted, you can register for a possible Coordinated Move-Up Procedure via Hochschulstart (registration required per degree programme).

If you have not yet applied for a degree programme in the DoSV for the semester in question, you can submit a new application.

A coordinated succession procedure via Hochschulstart can only take place if study places remain vacant after the coordination phase has been completed.

Lottery procedure - the 2nd chance for a place at university

If places remain vacant after the admission procedure, they will be allocated by lottery. To take part in the lottery procedure, prospective students must (re)apply.

Enrolment / change programmes

If you would like to study an non restricted degree programme or if you have been admitted to an restricted degree programme and have been accepted, you can enrol at RUB. Please note that it is possible conditions have to be met for enrolment in non restricted degree programme – for example, language skills that you have to prove before you start your studies. Find out exactly which degree programme you would like to study.

No matter whether you have chosen a non-restricted Bachelor's programme or have accepted admission to a restricted degree programme: In order to study at RUB, you must enrol on time.

You are studying at RUB and want to change your subject or degree programme? In this case, you don’t have to enrol, but merely to transfer. Apart from that, admission regulations of the respective degree programmes apply for transferring, too.

Further questions?

If you have any questions, the following RUB counselling services are there for you:

Questions about your admission and application

Questions about your enrolment

  • You can find the contact details of the Enrolment Office on the corresponding Enrolment website

Subject-specific questions

Questions about study orientation, study financing, etc.

Application, admission, enrolment
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