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Certificate of enrolment

With a valid certificate of enrolment (“Studienbescheinigung”/”Immatrikulationsbescheinigung”) students can prove that they are duly enrolled at Ruhr University Bochum (RUB).

Most students have to present their valid certificate of enrolment every semester to various offices, such as the Bafög office, their employer or their health insurance company.

Get your certificate of enrolment

The certificate of enrolment is machine-generated, there are no signatures or stamps. Your certificate of enrolment for the current semester is available on eCampus as soon as you have paid your social insurance contribution in full and the Registrar’s Office has re-registered you.

  • You can download your certificate of enrolment from eCampus.
  • You can get your certificate of enrolment at the Infopoint in the University Administration (UV) building.
  • You can request your certificate of enrolment by emailing Please use your RUB email address, otherwise the Registrar’s Office can’t process your request.
  • You can also request current certificates of enrolment by post: Send your request to the Registrar’s Office with a stamped envelope containing your address. Please state your matriculation number.

    Ruhr-Universität Bochum
    Gebäude SSC
    D – 44780 Bochum
  • Information on re-registration, which is required before you can get your certificate of enrolment, is available on the re-registration and social contribution webpage.

You can print out certificates of enrolment from eCampus for each semester you have studied at RUB. Together, they are sometimes accepted as an academic progress certificate, which you would otherwise have to apply for at the Registrar’s Office or the UV Infopoint

The certificate of enrolment contains information such as:

  • your personal data (name, date of birth)
  • your registration/student number
  • the degree programme(s) you are enrolled in
  • the semester in which you are currently enrolled
  • the number of semesters you have studied in total at higher education institutions
Registrar’s Office
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