Glückwunsch Rektor Absolventen 2020

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Congratulations and good wishes from the Rector

The 2020 graduates finished their degrees under difficult conditions. Rector Prof. Dr. Axel Schölmerich congratulates and wishes all the best and good success for the future.

Dear 2020 graduates,

I would like to congratulate you on finishing your degrees!

And you can be proud of yourselves: even under normal circumstances, graduating successfully is stressful and energy-sapping. But you have managed to master this challenge even under more difficult circumstances.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many processes at the RUB had to be adjusted to the new conditions;

Most teaching was done online and normal campus life, so familiar to us all, was brought to a virtual standstill at times. The cyber attack on the RUB’s IT infrastructure in May added insult to injury. Once again, routines had to be changed and alternatives developed. I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding in what has been the most difficult phase in the history of the Ruhr University.

You are a very special year, because mastering your finals in these conditions entailed a very special performance! You have overcome obstacles and shown strength and resilience in times of crisis.

You have overcome obstacles and shown strength and resilience in times of crisis. You are perfectly equipped for the future: you have acquired solid knowledge in your course and have shown that you are able to survive difficult phases with creativity and stamina.

While we are preparing ourselves for a “new normal” – i.e. campus life in pandemic conditions - you are at the same time ending a stage of life that was probably connected to both highs and lows but which also helped you grow, both academically and mentally. But your degree is just the beginning: whether you now want to take the next step in academia, or prove your ability in the fields of business and administration, industry or the third sector, I would like to wish you every success and the very best of luck for the start of your professional life.

You are now also Alumni of the RUB.

Before you go on your way, changing both your residence and availability as you do so, I would like to invite you cordially to join the RUB Alumni Network. Stay in contact over the next years and decades – with each other and the University:

I would like to wish you continued success and happiness in both your professional and private lives. Take care of yourselves, get through these times and stay healthy.


Axel Schölmerich


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