So you have decided to study in Bochum? In that case, you should check out your accommodation options as soon as possible. Thanks to a large number of student halls as well as comparatively affordable rents, living in Bochum is relatively cheap.

Student hall or the housing market?

Student halls are a handy and affordable solution for students. The accommodations range from one-bedroom apartments, through flat sharing, to apartments for couples or families.

Students who are looking for a place to live in the free housing market should do their research.

Accommodation questions

Your financial situation as a university student, as well as your own priorities and preferences, will be the decisive factors when you go house hunting:

  • Will you be happy enough with a low-cost room or apartment in one of Bochum’s student halls?
  • Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of a shared flat or the peace and quiet of your own home?
  • Other priorities and preferences include: is there easy access to public transport resp. short distance to the campus, is the place surrounded by nature, does it have ample space, are there any good shopping and leisure facilities?
Stecker wird in Steckdose gesteckt

Licence fee and registration are two issues that you will have to deal with after moving in – the other important thing is to explore your new neighbourhood.

Student life
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