Extracurricular Activities

Students looking for ways of distracting themselves from their everyday routine don’t have to search far and wide: university sports, Botanical Garden and a comprehensive arts & culture programme provide welcome distractions. The city of Bochum offers even more leisure opportunities.

Studentinnen vor Werken der Ausstellung „Weltsichten"

Culture has traditionally played a crucial role at RUB: The university arts venue Musisches Zentrum is second to none in Germany, and RUB students don’t have to leave the campus in order to immerse themselves in culture and entertainment.

How can I strengthen my body and mind? Asking this question every semester anew, Bochum’s students have the opportunity to try out different things.

The spectacular view from the campus over the Lottental valley proves that Bochum is a green city – one that presents a plethora of prospects of peace and recreation.

First steps


For many students, a part-time job is a necessity. RUB offers a number of part-time jobs for students, and dedicated advisors explain the aspects that must be considered when getting a part-time job.

Students of Ruhr University Bochum enjoy many benefits – not just on public transport.

The feel-good factor for students is high in Bochum, as the city has a lot to offer.

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