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Semester ticket

Mobile travel by bus and train throughout Germany: the Deutschland-Semesterticket makes this possible for all RUB students.

The semester fee also includes the cost of the Deutschland-Semesterticket.

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Conditions and validity

All RUB students are mobile with the Deutschland-Semesterticket.

You can use

  • all regional transport services (buses, subway trains, streetcars, suburban trains) throughout Germany and
  • Deutsche Bahn local trains throughout Germany.
    (ICE and IC trains as well as first class seats cannot be used regularly)

The semester ticket is valid

  • from April 1 to September 30 for the summer semester and
  • from October 1 to March 31 for the winter semester.

Please note the information on ticket control below.

In the event of de-registration , the travel authorization ends at the end of the day on which the de-registration is valid and the ticket is blocked.

Second and guest students are not entitled to the ticket. Students on leave of absence are also not entitled to the semester ticket and pay a correspondingly reduced social contribution.

These regulations no longer apply

  • Passenger or bicycle transport is no longer possible with the Deutschland-Semesterticket.
  • The ticket is no longer valid as a printout, but must be presented via RIDE Campus or via the wallet on the smartphone.

Access to the German semester ticket

The Deutschland-Semesterticket is available to all RUB students who are registered for the respective semester ticket exclusively via the RUB access of RIDE Campus.

RIDE RUB access

You enter your login ID and password and can retrieve your personalized ticket, for example in the event of an inspection. A selected ticket is displayed as a QR code. Further down in the view, you also have the option of transferring the ticket to your wallet on your smartphone.

During the re-registration period, you may be shown two tickets via RIDE Campus - for the current semester and the next semester.

The ticket should be available on March 20, 2024 for the summer semester 2024 .

Important prerequisite: The semester fee must have been credited to the RUB account by the deadline and the Registrar's Office must have carried out the re-registration.

What data is transmitted when I register in Ride?

The single sign-on page checks in the background whether you are entitled to a ticket. Your log-in data is not transmitted to RIDE, only the data required to generate your personalized ticket (first name, surname, date of birth).

Control and ID

Proof of the semester ticket is required for all ticket inspections: The ticket is valid in conjunction with an official photo ID such as an identity card or passport.

You must call up the ticket in RIDE or present it via the wallet on your smartphone; printouts of the QR code are not accepted.

It is advisable to also carry a certificate of enrollment with you when traveling outside NRW in case of difficulties during checks.

Further information on the Deutschland-Semesterticket

Who do I contact if I have questions or problems?

The conditions and also the price of the semester ticket are negotiated by the General Student Council (AStA) with the transport associations. The AStA is therefore also the first point of contact for all questions about the semester ticket and problems with ticket inspections.

The AStA offers students who have difficulties paying the semester fee and thus the ticket, support options and, under certain circumstances, reimburses the fee on a pro rata basis.

To the Asta

If you have problems with the Deutschlandticket:

  • In any case, first check via eCampus whether you are eligible for a ticket: Has your semester fee for the semester in question been received on time, has the Registrar's Office re-registered you?
  • If there are problems with your technical authentication (login ID and password), please write a ticket to IT.Services:
  • The ticket is not available at RIDE, although you were able to authenticate yourself successfully? In these cases, please use the services offered by RIDE: RIDE FAQs / Support
  • The local transport company Bogestra is responsible for the Deutschlandticket. Contact details can be found at

I have already transferred the social contribution - why can't I print out a ticket?

Various circumstances can lead to problems with feedback. The two cases described here occur most frequently.

  • Possibility 1: The deadline for payment of the social contribution always refers to the receipt of payment to the RUB account. If you have ordered the transfer very late, the money may not have reached the RUB account in time. This means that the late fee is still due and your semester fee is not considered to have been transferred in full - the Registrar's Office will not report it back. Have a look at the account overview of fees and charges in eCampus

  • Option 2: You have not entered your personal reason for payment, which you can also find in eCampus. This means that the Registrar's Office must first allocate your payment, which can lead to delays.

  • Option 3: You could not be re-registered because you have already successfully completed your studies with an examination.

I don't use the semester ticket at all - can I be exempted?

The semester fee, which all RUB students must transfer in order to re-register for the new semester, also includes the cost of the semester ticket.

The costs for the semester ticket as a fixed component of the social contribution cannot be canceled.

According to the principle of solidarity, students who do not (want to) use the offer must also bear the costs. This is the only way to offer the semester ticket to students - and many students are dependent on it.

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