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Re-registration and social contribution

All regular RUB students must transfer their social contribution before the start of a new semester. Only then will the Registrar’s Office re-register them and they can continue their studies.

The social contribution is determined anew for each semester, as is the re-registration period in which you must transfer the social contribution to RUB.

Once your social contribution has been paid in full, the Registrar’s Office will re-register you and you can print out your current certificates of enrolment and the semester ticket.

Re-registration deadline

All regular RUB students receive an email to their RUBmail account in the current semester reminding them that the re-registration period has started.

The Registrar’s Office also publishes the relevant deadline together with the semester deadlines.

The day on which the money is transferred to RUB is decisive for meeting the deadline. Make the transfer in good time, because banks may take up to six working days to process the transfer until it is credited to RUB.

  • All information on late payment can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • The regular re-registration deadline only applies to students who were already enrolled at RUB. For students who have enrolled at RUB for the first time, the social contribution is due after enrolling in person.

Paying the social contribution

Your personal data for the transfer is available on eCampus under the item Finanzen → “Hinweise zur Zahlung des Sozialbeitrags”.

Please state the purpose (“Verwendungszweck”) in your bank transfer, otherwise the re-registration may be delayed.


Re-registration deadlines

  • For the summer semester 2024, the social contribution must be transferred by 09/Mar/2024.
  • Re-registration will be possible from 26/Jan/2024.


Good to know

This is what your current social contribution for the summer semester 2024 pays for:

All students are required to pay the social contribution, which finances the academic services office (AKAFÖ), the general students’ committee and the semester ticket.

The social contribution for the summer semester 2024 totals 325 euros. It is made up of contributions for:

  • academic services office (AKAFÖ) (e.g. for the Mensa and halls of residence): 125 euros
    Akafö runs several student halls of residence and provides numerous services and advice, in addition to low prices in the cafeterias and Mensa.
  • the RUB’s general students’ committee (AStA): 23.60 euros
    With its share of the social contribution, Asta supports student initiatives, finances departmental student committee projects and pays the salaries of departmental student committee employees as well as expenses for speakers. The AStA’s share also includes the contribution for the Nextbike bike rental (1.50 euros).
  • the semester ticket: 176.40 euros
    The semester ticket is based on the idea of solidarity. Therefore, even students who do not use the ticket pay for it: Only because all students pay the fee, whether they use it or not, is the semester ticket comparatively cheap compared to other VRR tickets. AStA negotiates the price with the transport companies.

Social contribution in the exam semester

You must also re-register in an exam semester, because students must be enrolled until their last exam is over. Your social contribution is not reduced if you aren’t taking any exams.

Taking leave of absence for a semester: Reduced social contribution

Under certain circumstances, it is possible to reduce the social contribution. In this case, you’ll take leave of absence for the semester in question.

Before you can apply for a leave of absence at the Registrar’s Office, you must pay the reduced social contribution. The respective re-registration deadlines apply.

Am I re-registered?

Please check whether you can print out a valid certificate of enrolment (“Studienbescheinigung”) in E-Campus for the summer semester 2023. If yes, everything’s fine.

If not, please check the question “Why am I not yet re-enrolled” below.

Why am I not yet re-registered yet?

There are several possible reasons why you’re not re-registered yet:

  • You haven’t yet paid your social contribution including the late fee, or the money has not yet been credited to the RUB account.

Please note: Depending on the bank, it can take several days for the payment to reach RUB. Even a quick transfer or online transfer does not necessarily speed up the process. Therefore, please transfer the contribution in good time before 24 February 2023.

If you can’t print out the certificate of enrolment (“Studienbescheinigung”) in eCampus after one week, please check your bank statement and contact the Registrar’s Office by phone or email.

Your re-registration is blocked, which can have several reasons:

You have successfully completed your degree programme. Therefore, you can no longer re-register for this degree programme and must exmatriculate or transfer to another degree programme.

  • You have failed your degree programme and must exmatriculate or transfer to another degree programme.
  • There is a problem with your health insurance status.
  • There are other reasons at the Faculty that need to be resolved.

Other reasons are also possible; please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Paid too much? Apply for refund

You want to apply for a refund, for example because you have accidentally transferred too much?
Use the refund application form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.

Reimbursement of social contribution / semester ticket

In certain cases, the AStA reimburses the semester ticket and, in very few exceptional cases, pays the social contribution.

Late re-registration

If you have missed the re-registration deadline and have not transferred the social contribution in time, a late re-registration is usually possible. In this case, you will have to pay a late re-registration fee of 10 euros.

Once the re-registration deadline has passed, you will find this late fee in eCampus under Finances as an additional item to the social contribution if it has not been received on time. In this case, the Registrar's Office can only re-register you once the contribution and fee have been received.

For students who are unable to transfer and re-register after the start of the semester, the Registrar's Office will send an email as a last resort, the so-called "Streichungsbescheid", in which a final deadline for payment of the social contribution is granted.

Anyone who does not pay the social contribution within this deadline will be removed from the RUB student list, i.e. exmatriculated ex officio. In this case, the certificate of de-registration will not be sent automatically, but only on request.

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