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University entrance qualification

Most German applicants are entitled to study at RUB as they have Abitur, i.e. a general university entrance qualification. This higher education entrance qualification (HZB) is usually the main requirement for studying at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. But there are other ways to study at RUB.

University entrance qualification acquired at school

The requirement for admission to a degree programme at Ruhr-Universität Bochum is a general university entrance qualification or a relevant subject-restricted higher education entrance qualification. The general university entrance qualification entitles the holder without restriction to study at universities and universities of applied sciences, the subject-restricted higher education entrance qualification (note: is not the same as an entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences) entitles the holder to study certain subjects at universities and universities of applied sciences.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to study at Ruhr-Universität Bochum with an entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences.

International certificates and university entrance qualifications

Special regulations apply to German citizens with international certificates and international applicants.

Completed (university) degree

A degree from a state or state-approved university of applied sciences gives you a general university entrance qualification. This degree entitles you to study all subjects at a German university – including teaching degrees and state examinations.

Degrees from private universities of applied sciences and vocational academies (“Berufsakademie”) are not necessarily recognised as general university entrance qualifications. It is also important to check with the Admissions Office whether the degree certificate of the respective school or university includes the general university entrance qualification.

With a degree: Second degree applicant status?

As soon as you have a recognised degree from a German university or university of applied sciences, your application for an undergraduate degree programme with restricted admission is a secondary application. Only a limited number of places are available for second degree applicants.

This rule doesn’t apply to Bachelor’s graduates applying for a Master’s degree programme. In this case, second degree applicants are those who have already obtained a Master’s, Magister, state examination or diploma degree, but this does not include a diploma from a university of applied sciences.

Professional qualification

You can also enter a degree programme with professional experience. Depending on your qualifications, the options regarding university access vary.

Can I study anything I want at RUB with a general university entrance qualification?

Further requirements for the degree programmes and subjects

The general university entrance qualification generally entitles you to study all subjects with open admission.

In subjects/degree programmes with restricted admission, applicants with a higher education entrance qualification (HZB) are selected in accordance with admission regulations. In addition, some degree programmes/subjects require proof of certain skills and knowledge, sometimes even before the start of the degree programme. For example, to study sports science you must pass a sports aptitude test, while other subjects require knowledge of certain foreign languages.

  • Please check the list of study programmes to find out whether other requirements are set by degree programmes or whether degree programmes are subject to admission restrictions.

Assessing your chances in case of admission restrictions: Numerus Clausus (NC)

If you intend to enrol in an admission-restricted subject or degree programme at RUB and would like to assess your chances in advance, you can view the NC scores in the last admission procedures on the page linked below.

Please note that the past NC scores are only a “guideline”, as the NC can vary from semester to semester.

Please also note that the comparison of the NC scores for a summer semester is only useful for scores in the previous summer semesters. A comparison for a winter semester also only makes sense with the NC scores from previous winter semesters.

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